Episode 101 – Rodenbach’s Rudi Ghequire and Latis Imports’ David van Wees

On to the next 100 episodes! We start our second century with a European coup: Rudi Ghequire from legendary Belgian brewery Rodenbach and David van Wees from Latis Imports! Rudi gives us the scoop on the brewery’s history and we sample the insanely great Rodenbach Grand Cru!

We bring rankings news (among other things) for you this week, starting with The USA Today reporting that Yuengling has ousted Boston Beer as the top U.S. craft brewery while Time has a companion piece examining the fact that some beer lovers are divided over the change. Next we time travel (you know we love to) with Live Science to find that Egyptians brewed beer in Tel Aviv 5,000 years ago, look at April 15th with Adweek who tell us that software company Intuit is brewing a special beer for accountants only called CPA IPA to make tax season less taxing, and we end up out west with The San Diego Union-Times wondering if you will ever be able to get San Diego craft beers at Qualcomm Stadium.

Last week our #caskquiz was “what is your favorite beer label?” This week we are asking “what is your favorite historical brewery?”

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