Episode 124 – Johnny Oliphant the Coronado Sales & Marketing Ambassador!

San Diego returns to the bar this week with our friend Johnny Oliphant, the Sales & Marketing Ambassador from Coronado! We talk to him about his brewing past and sales present, and we try some outstanding beers: For Days Session IPA, Islander IPA and Punk’In Drublic!

Major breaking news in the craft beer world as Lagunitas sold half the brewery to Heineken! We bring you the latest beginning with Buzzfeed’s story Lagunitas Is Now Half Owned By Heineken, Will Go Global, followed by Business Insider’s opinion that the craft beer wars are heating up. Next in a similar vein is Forbes on Anheuser-Busch InBev and its craft beer, The Denver Post telling us love it or not, pumpkin beer is the most American beer you can drink, then CBS on the hype for hops helping farmers break into beer business, and we close with a cool gadget on c|net that turns beer cans into open-top drinking cups.

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “what retro beer do you wish you had access to for your tailgating?” and this week we are asking “what do you think about the Lagunitas-Heineken news?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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