Episode 134 – Aubrey Herbert from Sierra Nevada Brewing!

Everyone loves Aubrey, so we got Ms. Herbert back to the bar to talk about Sierra Nevada Brewing and all the latest from Chico and Mills River! She also brings us a terrific lineup of beers: Sierra Nevada Stout, Celebration Ale and Estate Homegrown IPA!

You thought you would have a week off from MegaMergerMania™? Hah! The San Diego Union-Tribune starts off with the shocking news that Ballast Point is selling to be sold to N.Y. corporation Constellation for $1 billion! We follow that with The LA Times’ in-depth analysis of the deal, and commiserate with Paste on the 5 stages of craft beer grief when your favorite brewery sells out. Moving on from M&A, Outside introduces the ultimate beer recommendation app, then Muchies/Vice reports on why women are leading Korea’s craft beer movement, Food & Wine (via @TheDA_Powell) gives us the ultimate American brewery tour, and Vinepair (via @BEAL187) believes that the Pilgrims would’ve landed in Virginia but didn’t because they ran out of beer.

Last week for our #caskquiz we asked “what international craft beer have you tried?” and this week we are asking “are you bummed out by the MegaMergerMania?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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