Episode 153 – The West Coast All-A Beers with Anchor, Almanac and Alaskan!

It’s a relaxy week at the bar, and so we are going to the West Coast for our beers! Well, not technically going there, but you know what we mean! It’s an all-A week too, with Anchor, Mango Wheat, Almanac Citra Sour and the amazing Alaskan Smoked Porter!

The news is global from craft beer! First of all we have rankings: The BA released their 2015 Brewery Rankings! Then we follow with The Indianapolis Business Journal’s story on a an IU biochemist helping craft brewers overcome costly challenges, then Crux’s revelation that Benedictine brewer-monks say beer, like God, just makes life better, and The LA Times reporting Carnival’s largest cruise ship will brew its own on-board craft beers. Then The Guardian tells us that Wales and London’s craft beer scenes continue to thrive, while the  CBC shows that ‘Stout’ friendships exist between craft brewing rivals, and Herald Scotland says that a Scottish craft brewer is launching the ‘world’s first spreadable beer’. Finally we have The San Diego Union-Tribune on the fact that Ballast Point Sculpin is leading San Diego craft beers to a robust year and The Economic Times India about Mango lager and India’s thirst for craft beer.

Last week’s #caskquiz was “where do you buy your ingredients for home brewing?” And this week we are asking (via our friend @choverstad) “Is it a ‘cop-out’ for a brewery to brew a year-round beer but change hops per batch depending on what is available?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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