Episode 156 – Thomas Vincent, Founder of Compass Rose Brewery!

We enjoyed the road so much last week, we decided hit it again and found ourselves with our friend Thomas Vincent, the founder of Compass Rose Brewery! With Tony away Thomas agreed to both co-host the show and share outstanding taste treats as well! We talk about the brewery and sample five brews including Wheelhouse IPA, Agave Cream Ale, Hefeweizen, Irish Lager, and Coffee Porter!

Newstime was filled with craft beer goodies! In the UK The Guardian asks is it closing time for the Campaign for Real Ale? while Bon Appetit tried the weirdest new beers out there. Next we finally read you the Reinheitsgebot report from The LA Times how the law has kept German beers pure for 500 years but that might not be enough to save them, while Fortune revealshow that law still controls the global beer industry. We follow with Men’s Journal’s question is Guinness craft beer? and another MegaMergerMania™ exclusive from MarketWatch observing that the deal that shook craft beer five years ago is still reverberating, and we close with LA Eater on a hoax craft beer newcomer serving up insults online.

Since we recorded so early this week we are continuing last week’s #caskquiz was “What’s your fave hop name?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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