Episode 157 – Glen Selby from DuClaw Brewing!

Everyone returns to the bar to meet our good friend Glen Selby who brings tons of laughs and the latest from DuClaw Brewing! Glen fills us in on all the doings in Baltimore, expansion plans for the brewery, and has some tasty brews for us to try: Morgazm Grapefruit Blonde Ale, Funk Blueberry Citrus Wheat Ale, and the astounding Blood Orange Neon Gypsy IPA!

Newstime presents a feast of craft beer news! First up is The Daily Meal with what’s sure to be a controversial list of the most popular beer by state, followed by The Wall Street Journal reporting that beer has become the latest scarcity in Venezuela, and Discovery News on turning fog into beer in the world’s driest desert. Next UPI show us an Australian brewery that is creating beer using yeast from belly button lint, then Forbes follows breweries taking their shows on the road and we wind up with The Boston Globe’s profile of the venture capital firm that has become a big player in the craft beer business.

Last week’s #caskquiz was “what’s your favorite hop name?” while this week we want to know “what has been your fave beer festival?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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