Episode 18 – Octoberfests & German Beers with Salesman Devin Singley

Greetings, Caskers! In this episode of Tales From the Cask, we have a very insightful and in-depth interview with beer salesman (and recovering brewer) Devin Singley. Devin tells us how he became involved with the beer world, why he has chosen to sell rather than create beer, what he loves about selling and what an average day is like for him. Our conversation with Devin includes fascinating historical and technical information about several aspects of the brewing process.

We answer listener questions about anticipating summer demand, playing a “Find the Beer” game in France and exploring our new talesfromthecask.com website, and we get a shout out from Harry Schuhmacher!

In our news segment, we look at another article about why beer sales are declining, a new pending patent on a “just add water” beer, and a great story about craft beer hitting the Vegas strip!

On tap for this episode are Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest, Augustiner Maximator, and Spaten Oktoberfest.

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