Episode 195 – Tim Harper and Nikko Carlson at Starpoint Brewing!

It’s time for our first road trip of the year – to Starpoint Brewing’s new brewery in Durham, NC! Founder Tim Harper and Head Brewer Nikko Carlson join us to give a nice tour, talk about their expansion, and most importantly share some crazy good beers with us! This week we try the collaboration Honeysuckle Tea House Elderberry Braggot, Ginger Barleywine, St. Philibert Hazelnut Stout, and the always delectable DUH! Double IPA!

News time! We begin out on The Street in London where brewers are raising British beer prices because of frothy brexit-inflation, then we turn up Loudwire and rock to Anthrax announcing its first-ever signature beer ‘Wardance’. Next we have Bon Appétit demonstrating the beer accessory you didn’t know you desperately needed (of course Jenn already has one!) and we take off with Blastr rocketing a proposed space mission aiming to brew beer on the moon!

We are continuing the #caskcontest through February 8! Give us the slogan for our all-new t-shirts! Cool Tales swag will follow to the winner!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 195 – Tim Harper and Nikko Carlson at Starpoint Brewing!

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast and interview! Y’all are obviously knowledgeable and engaged. Starpoint brews awesome beers, and Nikko and Tim are two of the nicest guys around.

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