Episode 196 – Scenes from NC Rare & Vintage Beer with a Side of Ballast Point & Foothills!

More Delorean travel awaits us at the 2017 NC Rare & Vintage Beer Tasting! Tony and Jenn are able to visit with so many friends at the tasting, and you can hear them all this week! Later back at the bar, they reunite with Chip and share two super brews: Ballast Point’s Red Velvet on Nitro and the highly sought-after Foothills 2017 Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout!

In the news this week we start in DC with our friends at Smithsonian who are raising a glass to the Smithsonian’s first beer scholar, and then we head to California and the SF Chronicle revealing that Russian River is planning for a new brewery in Windsor. Next up we fly to the UK and The Guardian reporting that Brexit is weakening the pound and threatening the UK craft beer revolution, while Pitchfork is unveiling the new beer and culture-focused website October, and we close by sharing a Superb Owl tip from Lifehacker telling you how many people you need at a party to make a beer keg worthwhile!

We are continuing the #caskcontest through February 8! Give us the slogan for our all-new t-shirts! Cool Tales swag will follow to the winner!

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