Episode 197 – Future Bottle Shop Owner Julie Paddison Plus Full Sail, Ballast Point & Trve!

This week we slide over to the retail side of the world with future bottle shop owner Julie Paddison! Julie shares her background and talks with us about getting a new retail account going. Then she shares some delectable delights with us: Full Sail Ipapaya IPA, Ballast Point Manta Ray Double IPA and Trve Black Celebration!

There’s a lot of history in brewing, and a lot in the news! We begin with National Geographic on our 9,000-year love affair with booze, followed by Mashable revealing that you can get a free pint of beer in London every time it rains! Next up is The New York Times standing in 11-hour lines for a new ale, and we wind up with The Fresno Bee offering to craft beer forward!

We are continuing the #caskcontest through February 10! Give us the slogan for our all-new t-shirts! Cool Tales swag will follow to the winner!

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