Episode 264 – Vacation Beers from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point!

Tony and Jenn make a triumphant return to the soggy lands bearing gifts from von Trapp, Wicked Weed and Ballast Point! If only they could sing like the Von Trapp kids! We share a delectable treat from that family, namely the Von Trapp Double IPL! Plus we have both Wicked Weed Astronomical IPA and Ballast Point Moscow Mule!

In the news we begin with Reuters reporting that beer is not beneficial according to a German court. Next we have The Chicago Tribune revealing that Indiana convenience stores have found a new way around a cold beer ban. Then it’s The Daily Beast (thanks to @choverstad!) asking why does the price of a craft beer vary so widely? And we close with The Independent showing why farmers are trying to turn ‘craft beef’ into the next craft beer!

We have you answers to last week’s #caskquiz which asked “if you knew a beer had locally sourced ingredients would that make you more likely to purchase it?” and this week we want to know “does the term ‘craft’ mean anything to you applied to a product other than beer? If so what?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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