Episode 276 – Ryan Trask from Olde Hickory!

We are delighted to welcome back our old friend and colleague Ryan Trask from one of our favorite NC brewers, Olde Hickory! Ryan reveals all the news from western NC and has a cooler full of terrific beers for us: Summer Sonker, Oktoberfest, Auxo, and Imperial Stout!

The news begins with a pair of stories from who else, VinePair! First up is a terrific thought piece that proposes craft beer was built on an us-versus-them ethos and now it’s tearing us apart. The second reveals five things no one wants to say about Italian craft beer. Then we pivot to Science Daily (thanks Bill D!) reporting on scientists who have debuted a super-insulating gel made from beer waste! Next Food & Wine shows us the most popular category at this year’s GABF, and we close with The Cincinnati Enquirer’s visit to an Ohio craft beer hotel!

We have your answers to last week’s #caskquiz “does it matter if A-B InBev is the biggest craft beer producer?” This week we ask “what’s your take on ownership with all the different structures? Are you an us or them partisan?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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One thought on “Episode 276 – Ryan Trask from Olde Hickory!

  1. To take nothing away from Reubens (who makes very good beer), let’s be honest about how beer “competitions work. Breweries pay to enter their beers both direct entry fees which can be $100+/beer and the costs of shipping/sending beer. Then the competitions, which are often run by private for-profit organizations, award several medals in each of dozens of beer categories. In any given competition, hundreds of medals may be awarded. So, any given brewery”s medal count is far more influenced by how many beers/competitions they enter than how good their beer is. Many breweries call BS on the whole thing and don”t enter competitions. Does that mean their beer is not as good as the “award winning breweries? Maybe. Maybe not. Beer is a marketing driven industry, just like all other spirits. Drink beer, not brands. Thanks so so much. You are awesome and you rock!

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