Episode 295 – Jess Petrosky from Highland Brewing!

It only took us 5+ years, but we finally got Mr. Draft himself, Jess Petrosky, back in the bar! Jess joined us way back in Episode 22 (!), and he is now working with the venerable NC brewing pioneer Highland Brewing! He shares all the latest from Asheville and brings terrific taste treats to try with us: AVL IPA, Cold Mountain Spiced Ale, and Barrel-Aged Black Watch Stout!

There is already so much craftbeer news we had to cull a lot for this week! We begin with The New York Times reporting that craft beer is looking beyond ‘Young White Dudes With Beards’, followed by The Wall Street Journal’s scary piece revealing that Walgreens is testing digital cooler doors with cameras to target you with ads! Next up The Daily Mail reiterates that beer should be chilled and consumed as soon as possible because it loses its unique aroma when stored for too long, and then The Motley Fool ventures their opinion on whether or not craft beer is still worth investing in. We wind down the week with KNSD 7 (San Diego) showing us pot-infused craft beer hitting San Diego shelves and Forbes (thanks @skeeordie11!) with the cool new hashtag #FlagshipFebruary, which aims to save core craft beer brands before they disappear!

Last week we wondered  “what are your big beer predictions for 2019?” This week we are asking “what do you think of #FlagshipFebruary? Will you join in? What brewery/flagships will you be supporting?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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