Episode 298 – Ryan Trask with Olde Hickory!

We got a brief glimpse of our buddy Ryan Trask from Olde Hickory at the Holiday Spectacular… and now we have him for a whole show! Ryan shares the latest from western NC, plus the all-new canned offerings from the brewery, and a couple of thirst-quenchers: Death By Hops IPA (in cans!) and Small Batch IPA!

The news exploded over the week! The biggest bomb dropped during the BIG GAME, summarized in The New York Times’ story on Bud Light picking a fight with corn syrup, Miller Lite & Coors Light in a Super Bowl ad! Next we have a craft beer version of MegaMergerMania from SFGate with the news that Sierra Nevada has acquired Sufferfest, the San Francisco brewer of gluten-removed beers, followed by The Daily Telegraph’s sky-is-falling piece claiming that the UK craft beer bubble is bursting. We wind down the week with SF Weekly profiling a prominent San Francisco craft beer bar with two women at the helm and Food & Wine revealing that historic Belgian brewer Rodenbach will make its first-ever collaboration beer with Dogfish Head!

Last week we asked you “what brews did you serve this year for the BIG GAME?” and now we are dying to hear “what do you think about A-B’s latest ad capers – brilliant marketing? Loserville? Meh? Does corn even bother anyone?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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