Episode 299 – Scott Apicella with Hardywood Park!

They say he’s a man with a thousand voices – can we convince him to do some of them? Yes it’s our old buddy Scott Apicella with Hardywood Park Craft Brewery! Scott’s at the bar to tell us all the latest from Richmond, and he makes us very happy with some super treats: the all-new Suncrush line, including Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Ginger Lime; Richmond Lager; and a true fave, the Baltic Sunrise Baltic Porter!

The fallout continues from the Superb Owl ads for Bud Light by A-B InBev, in our new #corngate segment! This week we are featuring none other than Jim Koch, the legendary founder of Sam Adams writing a blog post: Corntroversy – Deja Vu? Next up is another sad brewery closure, this time via OPB reporting that BridgePort Brewing Company in Portland OR is closing. We then head south to San Francisco where Eater reveals that workers at Anchor Brewing are moving to unionize. The Thirsty Wench (thanks Michael!) shares what she calls the sexist & asinine ramblings in Great Lakes Brewing News with a follow up story from WKBW on WNY breweries cutting ties with the magazine after the aforementioned article. We wind up show this week with Thrillist’s 9 craft beer trends you’ll be tired of in 2019!

Last week we asked you “what do you think about A-B’s latest ad Bud Light ad – brilliant marketing? Meh? Does corn even bother anyone?” In honor of us hitting our milestone 300th episode next week, we want to ask if you have a favorite moment/guest/episode/beer from our show? Please share it with us!

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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