Episode 315 – Tony Walldroff & Aubrey Herbert with Sierra Nevada!

She’s been gone for a while, and now she is back, and with our beloved co-founder! Who are we talking about? The incomparable Aubrey Herbert and the amazing Tony Walldroff from Sierra Nevada! Yes, Aubrey makes her return in style with new beers that she and Tony share with us! They are Helles in the Tropics, Hop Solo Single Hop IPA, and Estate Farmhouse Ale!

The news begins this week south of the border via Bloomberg presenting Mexican craft beers that ditch lager and lime for world-class flavors! Then we head a bit north to The LA Times asking what goes into an $899 bottle of beer? Next over in Maine, The Bangor Daily News shows us a Belfast bar that only serves ciders, and then down in The New York Times we find craft brewers lightening up and take aim at the ‘sweaty consumer’. We close the week in Thrillist which poses and answers the question why you should drink lambics!

We are back in the #caskquiz groove! Last week we asked what’s the wild beer flavoring you want to try? This week we want to know what’s your main style going to be this summer? Lambic? Imperial pastry?

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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