Episode 90 – Brian Grossman, Tommy Gannon & Dave Kemper at Sierra Nevada’s NC Brewery!

A new year and it’s time to hit the road! We roll into Mills River, NC and drink beers with our friends at the all-new Sierra Nevada Brewery! Brian Grossman runs the show at the brewery, and we join him and sales gurus Tommy Gannon and Dave Kemper for fresh-as-it-gets Sierra Nevada! We celebrate Brian’s 30th birthday with Nooner Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Beer Camp Hoppy Lager! And fan fave Aubrey Herbert makes a suprise cameo!

Fun news awaits this week! SFGate reports that the San Francisco Giants are planning a pop-up beer garden. Legal news comes via ChicoER about Lagunitas Brewing dropping a lawsuit against Sierra Nevada over ‘Hop Hunter’ logo after a public outrage, then NBC tells us about a Connecticut brewery stirring controversy with its ‘Gandhi-Bot’ beer. We finish up with Beer & Brewing suggesting beer pairings for Girl Scout cookies.

Last week our #caskquiz was “what is the hot beer style for 2015?” This week we are asking “have you ever brewed beer on your own, and if so what was the first style you made?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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