Episode 91 – Dave Benfield & Morgan Schell from DuClaw Brewing!

Are we slowing down after our road trip? No way! This week we import direct from Baltimore (Ball’mer to the natives) Dave Benfield & Morgan Schell from DuClaw Brewing! They just began selling beers in NC and as you know we have been drinking them before on the show, so they brought some great ones to us this week: Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter, Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout, Neon Gypsy IPA, and the seductive Serum DIPA!

We got so much news this week! Bloomberg starts us off with the story that Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman has beome a billionaire, then The New York Times offers options from gluten-free beer to kombucha for health-conscious drinkers, and Mother Jones reveals that craft beer uses 4 times as much barley as corporate brew. Next Reuters reports on brewing goliaths struggling to fit in at a craft beer party, Fox News shows us that self-serve beer taps are coming to a bar near you, and fittingly the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star asks how ’bout some peanut butter with your beer?

Last week our #caskquiz was “have you ever brewed beer on your own, and if so what was the first style you made?” This week we are asking “have you ever purchased the wrong beer by accident and if so what beers did you mix up?”

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