Episode 92 – Jonathan Williman from Bear Republic Brewing!

How do we top the incredible guests of late? Get another one of course! This week Jonathan Williman from our friends at Bear Republic joins the fun! We talk about their awesome beers, the water situation in northern California, and what we can expect from Bear this year! Then we try their first creation, Red Rocket Ale and follow it with Racer X Double India Pale Ale!

The news begins on a sad note, as The LA Times reports that our beloved SkyMall has died, then we move to happier topics via The Boston Globe on how craft beer fans go to great lengths to buy top-rated brews, and io9 on why grease kills the head on a beer. We follow up on a previous story with NBC as the brewer of ‘Gandhi-Bot’ beer agrees to rename it after complaints, then hear NPR reporting on brewers taming unpredictable yeast. We finish up with The New Yorker revealing that small is bountiful, Yahoo Food introducing a craft brewer making low alcohol beers, and Fox News celebrating the beer can turning 80 this weekend!

Last week our #caskquiz was “have you ever purchased the wrong beer by accident and if so what beers did you mix up?” This week we are asking “have you ever bought anything from SkyMall and if so what was it?”

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Author: Tales From The Cask

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