Craft Beer Podcast Raleigh

Episode 49 – Daniel Cruz Marketing Manager for Anchor Brewing with Anchor IPA

Welcome to Tales From the Cask!  In today’s episode we are joined by Daniel Cruz, Marketing Manager for San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing. Daniel brings along a brand new brew from Anchor, Anchor IPA! Daniel also shares his story of joining Anchor, the story behind Anchor’s vintage looking labels, tells us what is new with Anchor […]

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Raleigh Beer Podcast

Episode 43 – Kyle Pederson, West Coast Beer Industry Veteran

Greetings from the sunny lands, it’s episode 43 of Tales From the Cask!  In this episode we are joined by Kyle Pederson, a man who knows a thing or two about the west coast beer scene!  Kyle tells us about where he’s from, how he got his start in the beer business, his work with […]

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Episode 39 – Warehouse/Ops Manager Mike Turner w/ Anchor Zymaster, Stone Enjoy by 2.14.14 IPA, & Foothills January IPA “Ginger”

Hey y’all! Greetings from the sunny yet chilly lands of North Carolina! In episode 39 of Tales From the Cask we are serving up a fun interview with warehouse/ops manager Mike Turner as he gives us his expert insight into the operations side of beer. He shares with us the many changes in the beer […]

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Sierra Nevada, Carolina Brewing

Episode 36 – 2013 Holiday Extravaganza with Sierra Nevada’s Aubrey Herbert & Carolina Brewing’s Joe Zonin

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Caskers!  In episode 36 of Tales From the Cask we bring you the 2013 Christmas Extravadanza!!  Joined by Joe Zonin, owner and brewer from Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs NC, and fan fave Aubrey Herbert from Sierra Nevada Brewing, we taste some fantastic holiday themed brews.  On tap […]

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Episode 16 – Anchor Brewing Sales VP John Gittins

Welcome back, Caskers! In episode 16 of Tales From the Cask we have an in-depth, exclusive interview with John Gittins, Sr. VP Sales for Anchor Brewing! John tells us his story about how he came to work for Anchor Brewing and what he did before his Anchor Brewing days. He shares some of the things that […]

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Episode 15-Interview With Dick Leinenkugel

Greetings, Caskers! We have another special treat for you in this episode! We’re bringing you an exclusive interview with Dick Leinenkugel. Dick shares the story of how the Leinenkugel family started brewing beers in the upper midwest 5 generations ago!  He talks about how they made it through prohibition, they’ve adapted their beer offerings as […]

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Episode 11-Carolina Brewing Company

From the sunny lands of North Carolina, it’s episode 11 of Tales From the Cask! In this episode we bring you the owner and founder of Carolina Brewing Company, Joe Zonin! Joe shares his story of getting into the brewing industry and the special ingredients that make up Carolina Brewing Company beers. Joe also shares […]

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Episode 05-Roger MacKay Interview

In episode 5 of Tales From the Cask we interview Roger MacKay. Roger has a great family heritage of Scottish whiskeys and Canadian ales. Roger tells us about the process of using oak casks to make specialized beers and we sample several Innis and Gunn potables including the original Innis and Gunn, Scottish Pale Ale, and Rum […]

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Episode 04-Boston Beer CEO Martin Roper Interview

In episode 04 of Tales From the Cask we bring you an exclusive interview with Boston Beer Company CEO, Martin Roper! Martin shares how he joined up with the folks at Boston Beer Company, his love of various ciders, shares some stories about his grandfather, and more. On tap we have Anchor Porter, Sam Adams […]

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Episode 03-A Day in the Life of a Salesman

In Episode 03 of Tales From the Cask we share some of the latest news from the world of craft beers and sample some great brews. On tap for this episode is the Leinenkugel Big Eddy Imperial IPA, Sam Adams Boston Lager, and Rodenbach Grand Cru. We also share some summer themed drinks from Anchor […]

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